Because It Is The Fastest Way Back To You E.L.S. ©

An excerpt from An Alien Mind by KCC

The world is very much like the Matrix. Everything, including you and me, run programs. You are constantly starting and stopping programs. Walking, running, eating, having sex, doing a job. They are nothing more than programs. And they represent the importance you assign to them. So, if you accept that we are programs then potentially we have the capacity to run ‘sacred’ programs. Jesus Christ, Muhammad, the anti-Christ, the Holy Spirit, Buddha. All of these are just programs. Each of these programs can be run independently or together. You are the programmer. This is where game theory comes in because each of these programs could be viewed as a level to beat. Once you have beaten a level, the knowledge gleaned is yours. At least that is how I approached them. You can classify these paths to Salvation as well.

As far as I can tell, there are three paths to Salvation. Each one varies in difficulty and length. The goal is to play all three at the same time which eventually you will be able to do. First, the shortest but slowest way to Salvation.

The Naturist way. This would include most native religions and Shintoism. With this path, time is most definitely on your side. But because of that, it is the slowest way to Salvation. But there are some very cool elements to this Way. Have you ever talked to a tree? How about a buffalo? I have. This way focuses on aligning your programs with the cyclical nature of time. A place for everything and everything in its place. Much of the time, you are not even aware of moving but this is to be expected. In this form, Salvation comes with the sun rise, sun set, or you breathing your last breath. Your energy will be subsumed back into the unity of nature. It is your foot on the bare earth. The coldness of a mountain stream. The indignant hoof beat of an elk. The raw savagery of the grizzly. It is life and death, repeatedly.

It also is the realm of fairies, werewolves, and mermaids. Any flight you dane. It can be intoxicating. The moon calls your name, and the sun warms your skin. You become woven into the tapestry of existence and God is the totality of everything. I am God and you are God. The deer in the forest grove is God as are the waves that crash on the shore and the crickets’ song on a warm Southern night.

I often come back to this program for obvious reasons. But with all this said, this way to Salvation takes patience, solar systems full. I am not a very patient person which segues to the next path to Salvation. Buddhism, Taoism, Masturbation, and Rock and Roll. This is total egocentricity. You are the only person in the universe. You are it. Everyone you meet reflects you because they are you. You derive pleasure indiscriminately from who and what you want. You walk the lonely streets. It is like showing up in Heaven and being the only one there. Which sounds a lot worse than it could be. Solitude is a gift. But we are talking eternity here. This is the quickest way to Salvation. But partly because you do not give a shit about anyone else. It is a lot easier to get yourself out of a burning building than it is to save everyone and potentially sacrifice your own life. But it can be less than satisfying which leads to the hardest but most fulfilling road to Salvation.

The Messianic road to Salvation. This encompasses all man-made religion. And because it is man-made, it the most difficult. Because anything man made holds contradiction, paradox, dead-ends, and mortal danger. The first two roads to Salvation were easy to talk about. I look at the blank space under these words and see a potential for a nuclear explosion of information. Well first things first. Turn the other cheek. Because, on this path, you are bringing everybody with you, kicking or screaming. And this means everybody. Also, this program has many sub-programs. From Moses to Kali. The virgin Mary to Mary Magdalene. All Holy books are a jamboree of programs that are accessible on this path. You must play them all. Some are fast, others are slow. Also, no one Holy Book. The most accurate version is a mish mash of all the works. But they all involve a Messiah who is warily awaited. You must focus on that and not the details if you are going to get through it. And you must assume what is best for people. You will know, I assure you, but you must be irreproachable when it comes to recriminations. You will watch the night burn with fire, and you will walk with the gods. And you must believe, or you will become like Kid Icarus, flying too close to the sun. Never stop believing. I have played all the programs and I, myself, have just one more to play. That of the Second coming of a Messiah. I am making progress. 😊