News From The Dark Web ©

Tomorrow, marshal law will be declared first in Washington D.C. then more broadly as the situation progresses. Internet will be suspended. Military tribunals will be called and those who colluded with China and other adversarial powers will be tried and executed. The movement will be called the Fresh Beginning and Trump will reclaim his duties as President.

WhEn He OpEnS +He DoOr ©

Imagine that a time traveler buys a copy of Hamlet from a bookstore, travels back in time to Elizabethan London, and hands the book to Shakespeare, who then copies it out and claims it as his own work. Over the centuries that follow, Hamlet is reprinted and reproduced countless times until finally a copy of it ends up back in the same original bookstore, where the time traveler finds it, buys it, and takes it back to Shakespeare. Who, then, wrote Hamlet?