An Alien Autopsy ©

Thought this might be a safer way to communicate with you, and you don’t have to reply so technically you’re blameless. I just finished the new Matrix movie and the ending reminded me of us. Do you remember a long time ago I said that you and I held hands when the world ended? It’s not something I imagined. It’s a memory I have. The last thing we did was turn and look into each other’s eyes. I know this sounds crazy but I believe it was real. When I told you that, I was speaking in tongues, the voice of the Holy Spirit. I know you are married and have children but it just seems too cliche, tailor made, however you want to look at it. And now, me, all alone. Nothing adds up, this reality that has been thrust upon us. And the only thing we want is a second chance. I know you do despite your love for your family. I wanted you to think about that. Remember, love you forever and ever. Love, me