+hE genE+|( (0dE (r@cK

genetic codeThe genetic code is comprised of 64 triplets with each triplet having four potential nucleotides: U, C, A, or G. My theory is that the middle nucleotide acts as a filter for the outer two. Think of it in terms of two men vying for the affection of one girl or Romeo and Juliet, a perfect pairing except for an insurmountable barrier, or even true love and happily ever after. Whatever example you can think of is represented by at least one triplet found in the genetic code. I assigned the following values to each nucleotide to make this a working concept. U=mass; C=light; A=male; G=female. Whether this is accurate or not doesn’t matter. It creates gravity, clarity, male and female which allows the stories to be told. One example I found interesting is UUU and UUC. The Big Bang. Maybe, why not? Have fun picking out the stories. They’re the stories of us all.