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Symbols are very powerful and can be extremely useful tools in the creation of your world. The ancients understood the power of symbols and used them extensively in their culture for protection, fertility, wealth, crop germination, death and birth rituals. The use of a symbol for a particular task does not in itself bring about these conditions; consciousness must do that. However, using a symbol geared toward a certain thing can help consciousness target and release the energy pattern necessary to bring about the desired manifestation.

In this way, symbols are like road maps, leading the individual toward a desired goal. The road is not a real road with dirt and stone. The road, in this case, is energy. Energy, like a roadway, can twist and bend and connect two things together that normally would be disassociated.

Energy is no different than a physical road. In fact, at a sub-atomic level, that’s all your physical roads are, energy. Hoards of energy-units bind together to form the physical roads that you travel. The solidness of the road comes from the accretion of the energy field.

An energy pathway is just like our road except the energy units’ numbers are less and not as compact as a physical road so the solid quality is not there. You can’t see it, or walk on it, or touch it, however, the pathway exists and your consciousness can follow it, consciously and unconsciously, just as easily as walking down a physical road.

The symbol itself acts like a key that helps you to hone-in on a particular energy pathway. Normally you may miss this energy pathway because it is unfamiliar. A symbol keyed to that particular energy pattern can help point the way by amplifying that aspect to a point where it can’t go unnoticed any longer. Even unconsciously, a symbol can bring a needed aspect into focus so that consciousness can go and begin to create that aspect.

Consciousness accomplishes this genesis by connecting you to the energy pathway that the symbol brings into focus. It will siphon off some of the energy and use that energy to create that aspect within its reality.

You will know when a symbol accomplishes its purpose because you will no longer feel the need to have it with you. When that time comes, put the symbol away for future use or give it to another person to use. The energy that you’ve added to that symbol can go on to help someone else. An object in the shape of the symbol, or with a symbol scribed on it, can become a very powerful device after it passes through several people. Each person utilizing that device will enhance the effectiveness of that device and add to the energy pathway.

Symbols effectively change the world you live in through the realignment of your consciousness. They can provide access to worlds you’ve never imagined. Bon voyage!!!

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