Sequel Killers ©

“Well why stop there Daddy, will you be there with us or not in Paradise?” Ishy inching ever closer to the line.

“One day but I’m going to have unfinished business when I leave this world. There are many,” he paused, repeating himself,” many layers that surround the truth and I won’t stop until I know what it is. It’s essence. Knowing this truth could win the war, not just the battle.”

“But why won’t you come straight to mama and me?” pleaded Ishy.

“Because I will have to protect and defend my loves’ foreverafter,” the father trying to make her understand while holding back tears.

“I’ve decided, I’ll come back to you and between the two of us, sure enough, we’d stop the fighting. We’d be a pair of Hell’s Angels. Wouldn’t you miss me Daddy if I didn’t come and stand by your side?” Ishy sensing her father’s discomfort and trying to protect him.

“I’d miss you with all of my heart and soul and I’d find you even if it meant searching in the dark,” the father softened.

“Me too Daddy”, Ishy softly spoke.

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