On Your Knees ©

I wake up in the mornin with my bitch in the bed,
She dont like the police and she sure hate the feds,
I love my girl cause she gives me what i want,
She rides in the trunk or either rides in the front, She looks like 22 but shes really 45,
Some reason she done made a whole lotta niggas cry,
So bad that she make em’ wanna pull their money out,
Take it out they pockets and they put it in my box,
AHH! gotta hurt ya with that girl do ya,
Shes always wanna take take the moolah,
Gimmie them pesos the cash and the credit card,
Might be a brawd but the lil’ bitch hit ya hard,
You the police and we is the robbers,
You need more than them helicopters to stop us,
Excuse me, let me introduce my lady,
Her name is beretta and shes mothafuckin crazy!

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